The Round Cat Trilogy

This book is not about “living happily ever after.” It is about living happily now, finding your dreams and making them come true. fin bk covers_01

As a kitten, The Round Cat gets teased by her brothers and sisters, gets in trouble in school, plays with her friends (a squirrel, a Mastiff puppy, and a terrier mix), and pushes her mother to the limits of her patience. She learns that inner beauty is more important than outward appearance. She learns from all the animals she meets, sharing the lessons she has learned with them, until she encounters a mean pack of junkyard dogs. With her life in jeopardy, help comes from a surprising source. When The Round Cat finds a home, she shares her lessons with her new family and changes their lives. Will she change your life, too?

See the sneak peak for a sample of the book.


By reading this book, you will learn to improve your self-image and use your unique talents to find your place in the natural world. You will learn things that will help you fulfill your purpose in life. You will also be entertained and amused by the antics of this most usual kitten. You will watch her grow as a kitten at home. You will share in her discoveries of the natural world. When she finds a forever home, will watch her use her knowledge to improve the lives of her new family, fulfilling her purpose in life.