Puppy Training Book

Training Your Puppy Right from the Start

by Susan H. Eldred

This Chessie pup has already learned to properly pick up and hold his toy. This is the way he will also learn to pick up and hold a dumbbell

This puppy training book was written for folks who haven’t had a puppy before, folks who haven’t had a puppy for a long time (we forget so much) and for breeders to give out with the puppies to their new owners. It is all positive training methods that are compatible with various training objectives (i.e. obedience, agility, rally, tracking, conformation, field work, etc.). The scope of the book is similar to puppy class but this book covers things to do before the puppy comes home as well as all the usual topics. The title and the idea of the book are to make training easy by teaching the right thing from the beginning so the puppy doesn’t have to unlearn behaviors. Puppies are learning machines who learn whenever they are awake so by making the right choice in early training, the lessons easily become reliable behaviors. With this book, there is no need to wait to start training until the pup is old enough for classes so the pup learns the right thing before he discovers that he can do things his way.

The book is 8 .5 x 11 inches with a comb binding which allows the book to lie flat when opened. There are color photos, sketches and diagrams by the author. It is 69 pages packed full of helpful information on all the popular subjects like housebreaking, barking, jumping up, biting, choosing healthy food and treats, when to see the vet, trimming nails, teaching basic commands (sit, down, stand, come, stay, walking on a loose lead). Not only are there methods to train but also the reasoning behind these methods of training are explained . Discussions of many of the common challenges are also included to help you change a behavior before it becomes a problem. There is a discussion of toys, which are the best and which should be avoided and what to do if your pup gets away from you.

Each book sells for $20 plus shipping. For multiple copies, contact the author. She may be able to offer you a discount. For shipping and handling costs, please send your zip code to the author with the number of books. Most orders will ship Priority Mail for $6. These rates apply to the U.S. only. For rates outside the U.S., please contact the author.